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The Movement

A credo of sorts

Our philosophy: we are beings of frequency. As such, we strategically use sound and light in an effort to raise the collective vibration of the whole. We are designers of our own reality. As such, we aim to see how much heaven we can pull out of this earth. We are collectively deciding our future. So it's decided then-we're making it awesome!

The movement...Is bigger than just the music. We're building an ever expanding artist community with a focus on LOVE. Join the movement! We'll repay you by sharing our music with you instantly.

There are an infinite number of musical styles and they are all beautiful in their own right when performed with an honest intent. We draw from our eclectic musical influences to form an always evolving semblance of a "sound." So long as the music is true and the message is LOVE, it is a part of the Forealist Movement.

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